3D printing workshop for kids: Food waste: from trash to treasure for eco-design

October 2021

For the Circular Economy pillar and to introduce kids (aged 10-15 – middle school target) to the topic, Merezzate+ organised, together with Krill Design a workshop to demonstrate how food waste cand become eco-materials for 3D printing to create eco-design organic and biodegradable objects.

Krill Design is a start-up based in REDO Milano that uses food waste (such as fruit peel, coffee grounds, shells, seeds, …) to create a eco-material to create design objects with 3D printing.

In the morning of Saturday 2nd October, the workshop for kids has focused on three main parts:

  1. An introduction to explain the process that brings food waste to become a bio-material for 3D printing;
  2.  A tactile and olfactory session to get in touch with the materials;
  3. A 3D printing experience.

Every participant has recived a little 3D printed present from the workshop.