AbbracciaMI – REDO bicycle ride

May 2021

On March 27th, during the first laboratory of the community start-up process, promoted by Fondazione Housing Sociale (FHS), the “Bicycle ride” group was founded by REDO’s inhabitants, collecting all the people who share the passion for cycling in the parks surrounding REDO Merezzate district.

Starting from autumn 2020, in the framework of Merezzate+ Sustainable Mobility pillar, different activities concerning cycling were launched:

  • A webinar abut cycling in Milan, with some tricks from two expert cyclists of the city;
  • The installation of 5 bicycle maintenance stands to support REDO Milano residents’ shift to cycling mobility;
  • A workshop on bicycle maintenance, showing how to use the bicycle maintenance stands provided by Merezzate+ project.

To continue with these activities Merezzate+ and the “Bicycle ride” group, organized AbbracciaMI – REDO bicycle ride, involving Marco Mazzei, one of the experts of the webinar. On Saturday May 15th with a path of about 10 kilometers, about 20 people of all ages left from REDO Merezzate to explore the south-east parks of Milan where they can have a picnic and explore the nature.