Merezzate+ @ Circular city, transition economy and civil society: get the experience from Italian practices conference

November 2020

Merezzate+ was presented during a virtual tour organised by punto.sud entitled “Circular city, transition economy and civil society – Get the experience from Italian practices”.  The aim of the conference was to explore circularity in cities and promoting a link between Italian experiences in the field of circular economy to strengthen organizations and civil society in identifying innovative models and best practices.

Merezzate+ took part in the Session 2: Smart city and mobility where mobility was seen as a vital part of a thriving urban economy. But mobility solutions that do not take account of economic, environmental and societal impacts, can also be detrimental to urban life. A circular urban mobility system focuses on effectively accommodating the user’s mobility needs by diversifying modes of transport.

Cities must promote transport sustainability policies, taking care to the most disadvantaged categories (elderly, children, disabled and people with serious economic difficulties). Specifically, favouring soft mobility and discouraging car using.

Merezzate+ mobility pillar was presented as a best practice for all its element: 2030 mobility vision, mobility community services and its co-design with citizens, the walking bus for primary school pupils and the promotion of e-mobility infrastructures.