The Great Green Connector: Stronger together for climate action

October/November 2020

Merezzate+ took part into ‘The Great Green Connector: Stronger together for climate action’ organised by EIT Climate-KIC to bring together the innovators and thought leaders of our current innovation portfolio (with circa 50 projects) and create a space to experience our inspiring EIT Climate-KIC community. This was a precious opportunity to benefit from practical insights of implementing innovation projects in the field of climate action.

The event consisted in a three-days meetings, organised as follow:

DAY 1 – 27 October 2020: A Bird’s Eye View of our Collective Climate Action

  • Learn about what’s in the innovation portfolio, and how it maps against our key priorities for climate impact.
  • Start engaging with other partners so that we organise ourselves for better impact.

DAY 2 – 3 November 2020: Portfolio Deep Dive 

  • Discover other projects within our innovation portfolio that might be relevant to your work.
  • Exchange on learnings with other partners working in your area of interest.
  • Explore connections and potential collaborations within the portfolio.

DAY 3 – 17 November 2020: Open Space & Discussion 

  • Pitch and discuss your challenges, issues and ideas for collaboration with other partners and discover potential synergies.
  • Discuss with others how this portfolio can be moved forward and how it could convince external funders.

Merezzate+ is presented as a project impacting the following Goals:

  1. Promote retrofit and decentralised energy: Drive a significant increase in urban retrofit rates and enable district-scale clean energy production, paving the way for deep cuts in emissions.
  2. Nurture nature-based resilience for cities: Create more liveable, resilient cities through substantially increasing the introduction of nature-based solutions and enhancing natural systems.
  3. Accelerate sustainable urban mobility: Trigger the switch to clean urban mobility to
    achieve considerable cuts in urban transport emissions.

Click here to download the full booklet.