More than 200 Smart Plug installed in REDO Merezzate apartments

June 2021

Thanks to a two days on-site distribution, all the Smart Plug devices made available for free thanks to Merezzate+ innovative project have been distributed to the people living in REDO Merezzate.

What is a Smart Plug? Smart Plugs are intelligent devices that helps to be more aware in the management of the energy consumption of the individual household appliances. Each device monitors consumption and, through the LoraWan wireless network, allows remotely to switch on/off the individual appliance. This is the first step in a “demand response” logic.

What does the Smart Plug do? The Smart plug monitors specific energy consumption and allows, through the LORAWAN wireless network, remote control of the switching on/off of the single appliance. The switching on and off can be scheduled with the REDO Merezzate neighborhood APP, all in protected mode and available to the specific user only.

What is it for? Thanks to the acquired and managed information, it will be possible to “educate” one’s energy behavior to ensure the correct distribution of electrical loads (avoiding the use of multiple appliances simultaneously or during the peak hours with the highest rate): thanks to the Planet APP, the user can monitor, manage and plan its own energy consumption.